I draw things that make people say "Thanks I hate this"


Note that the complexity of a commission is at my discretion and prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of each piece.
Note that it is at my discretion to charge additional fees for edits made during the creation process

10% Off final price if you chose
"Artistic Freedom"
as an option for commissions!

Headshot$ 10$ 5
Bust$ 20$ 10
Full Body$ 30$ 20
Background$ 50NA
Headshot$ 20$ 10
Bust$ 40$ 20
Full Body$ 60$ 40
Background$ 80NA
Headshot$ 40$ 20
Bust$ 60$ 40
Full Body$ 80$ 60
Background$ 100NA
Headshot$ 60$ 40
Bust$ 80$ 60
Full Body$ 100$ 80
Background$ 200NA

Artistic Freedom

By choosing this option for your commission you get 10% off your quoted price!

I would be allowed to compose and stage the piece without asking for approval on the processes of the piece.. Instead you would get a finished piece that I would make minor edits to should they need to be made (Color shifts, missing earrings, a marking changed). But otherwise I would have control over how a picture was framed.

You would still give me the initial input of the commission as well, and the amount of detail is up to you,
"Two characters running in a field" or "Two characters running in a field of wheat, laughing while the sun is out"

Though if you request "Two characters laughing, one is grinning, teeth showing, while the other has their mouth open, Eyes squinting in the sunlight. The time is mid-day and the field is Adagio Grass. The 'camera' is to be lowered as if looking up at the characters. One character is running ahead of the second and the second looks to be winded"
This will not be considered 'Artistic Freedom' of a works no matter how you spin it, given that you have total say over even the composition of the work.

This allows me to find creative interest in the piece asked, as well as stretch and try out new things in commissions. As well it means I can work faster on a commission given I wont be asking for approval at each milestone, and potentially making edits at every stage of the process!
So you save money, I get more flexibility and you get your piece even faster!


  • I retain the right to refuse artwork containing subject matter I do not agree with

  • I will not accept payment in any form of Cypto Currency. If you pay in any form of Crypto I will refund you the amount in full. If you refuse to change payments I will block you from further commissions.

  • For NSFW content you are verifying that you are at least 18 years of age

  • If I discover you are under 18 years of age, I will cancel your commission and block you. No refunds will be provided

  • I accept payment through Paypal invoicing only

  • I accept multiple payments over time at request

  • I cover all paypal fees/tax. You will only pay my quoted price. (Plus any tip you want to give ♡ )

  • I will ask you provide contact information and consent of all the owners of all characters in a commission prior to starting. This includes gift art. This is to prevent Revenge Art or Harassment Art

  • I display all of my work publicly. There is a $5 Privacy fee should you want to keep your work private.

  • I only issue refunds in the event that I cannot complete a piece, in which case you will be given a full refund.

  • I DO allow reposting of my art so long as you provide a link back to any of my social media accounts.

  • I DO NOT give permission for the work to be posted without artist credit / links

  • I DO NOT give permission to anyone to alter, print, or profit off of my work unless expressly stated in an a signed contract. This DOES include someone coloring line work or lining sketches

  • I will report artwork that I find altered without my express permission.

  • I retain copyright of all work I produce unless otherwise stated in a signed agreement.